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Cubic yard bag

(The Classic): Our Classic is a standard 1 cubic yard bag with an open top and closed bottom, ideal for general-purpose bulk material handling. It’s widely used in industries such as agriculture for storing and transporting grains, and construction for handling sand, gravel, and other materials.

Product Details

Size (W x L x H): 34” x 34” x 41”

Volume Capacity: 1 Cubic Yard

Weight Capacity: 2,600 lbs.

Top: Open

Bottom: Flat

UV Treated: Yes

Material: Virgin


Durable and Reliable Bulk Bag for Various Industries

Crafted with durability in mind, “The Classic” stands out as a reliable bulk sack among industrial bulk bags. Its utility extends beyond the typical FIBC bulk bag, offering a practical solution for bulk packaging bags and large storage bags. Whether you’re looking for bulk bags for sale near me or need a dependable option for construction debris bags, “The Classic” is your go-to choice.

In addition to its primary uses, “The Classic” is an excellent choice for those in search of heavy duty bulk bags, bulk gravel bags, and even ventilated bulk bags. As a leading bulk bag supplier, One Ton Bag ensures that each bag, including “The Classic”, meets the highest standards of quality and versatility, suitable for bulk bags wholesale and bulk super sacks requirements.

“The Classic” is not just an ordinary FIBC bag; it’s a symbol of our commitment to providing top-tier bulk storage solutions. For those needing bulk container bags or construction disposal bags, this product offers unparalleled quality and functionality.

Ideal for Agriculture and Construction Material Handling

“The Classic” is widely recognized for its utility in the agricultural sector, particularly for storing and transporting grains. It’s not just a bulk feed bag; it’s an all-rounder, equally adept at handling bulk grain bags and bulk seed bags. In the construction realm, this bag is invaluable for managing bulk sand bags, builder’s sand bags, and other essential materials, demonstrating its capability as a construction waste bag.

The Classic - Essential FIBC Bag for Versatile Use

Explore “The Classic” at One Ton Bag, a standard 1 cubic yard FIBC bag that epitomizes versatility and efficiency in bulk material handling. This open-top, flat-bottom bag is an indispensable tool for a variety of industries, seamlessly integrating into agricultural, construction, and industrial applications.

FAQ - 1 Cubic Yard Bag (OTB-01)

A 1 cubic yard bag is a bulk bag designed for storing and transporting various materials. It’s ideal for general-purpose bulk material handling and is commonly used in industries like agriculture and construction.

This bag is suitable for a range of materials, including grains in agriculture and sand, gravel, or similar materials in construction.

As the name suggests, it can hold 1 cubic yard of material. The weight capacity can vary, but it generally ranges from 2000 to 3000 lbs.

Typical dimensions for a 1 cubic yard bag are about 34” x 34” x 41”. However, dimensions can vary based on the specific design and manufacturer.

Yes, these bags are typically made from high-quality, virgin polypropylene, making them durable and UV treated to withstand various environmental conditions.

The bag features an open top for easy filling and a flat bottom. To empty, the bag usually needs to be tilted or turned upside down.

It depends on the specific design and how they are handled. Some 1 cubic yard bags are designed for multiple uses, while others are intended for single use.

You can usually request a quote directly from the manufacturer’s website or by contacting their sales team.