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Environmentally Compliant and Versatile Concrete Washout Bag

Our Slurree Sack™ meets the need for environmental compliance in construction. More than just a bulk feed bag or a bulk sack, it’s a versatile solution that also serves as a mini bulk bag. Ideal for those requiring heavy duty bulk bags, the Slurree Sack™ is a sustainable choice for bulk gravel bags and sand bags, widely used in construction.

Furthermore, the Slurree Sack™ is a prime example of the high-quality products we offer as FIBC bulk bag manufacturers. Learn more about our commitment to quality and versatility in the FIBC industry on our About Us page.

For those in need of bulk bagging solutions like bulk grain bags, bulk seed bags, or builders sand bags, the Slurree Sack™ represents the pinnacle of quality and versatility in industrial bulk bags and bulk super sacks.

The Slurree Sack™ is not just an ordinary FIBC bulk bag; it’s a multifunctional solution catering to a wide range of needs, from construction waste disposal bags to large storage sacks. Its robust design makes it perfect for bulk container bags and construction rubbish bags, ensuring safe and compliant material handling on-site.

Slurree Sack™: An Innovative Solution in Bulk Bag Technology

Explore the Slurree Sack™, a standout product in the FIBC and bulk bags market at One Ton Bag. This innovative 130-gallon concrete washout bag is key for the concrete and construction industry, offering an efficient solution for managing construction waste bags and large storage bags.

Advanced FIBC Jumbo Bag for Concrete Management

The Slurree Sack™, featured in our Shop, exemplifies our expertise in FIBC bags. As a top bulk bag supplier, we focus on providing dependable construction debris bags. This product is perfect for those in need of bulk bags for sale, especially in the construction sector where handling bulk sand bags and polypropylene bags bulk is essential.


The Slurree Sack™ is a specialized concrete washout bag designed to hold wet or dry material. It is equipped with an internal plastic liner to prevent seepage and is capable of standing on its own when full, requiring no external support.

The Slurree Sack™ is made from high-quality, durable materials with an internal plastic liner for added protection and compliance with environmental safety standards.

The Slurree Sack™ has a capacity of approximately 130 gallons, ideal for concrete industry operations, including managing the washout process.

Yes, the Slurree Sack™ is designed to safely manage concrete washout, helping to maintain environmental compliance by preventing the seepage of hazardous materials.

Thanks to its specialized design, the Slurree Sack™ remains upright and stable when filled, without requiring any external structures.

The Slurree Sack™ typically measures 40” x 40” x 48”, providing ample space for concrete washout needs.

It is designed to hold both wet and dry materials, making it versatile for various applications in the concrete industry.

This would depend on the nature and condition of use. It’s designed for durability, but for safety and compliance reasons, it’s important to assess the sack’s condition before considering reuse.

Disposal should follow local regulations for handling and disposing of construction materials. The bag’s design facilitates easier handling and disposal.

Yes, it is UV treated to ensure durability and longevity, even when used in outdoor environments.