Erosion Control

Erosion control is the way to prevent or control wind or water erosion in land development and construction and agriculture. There are different erosion control methods but the best methods involve creating physical barriers, such as vegetation, rocks or sand and now using the One Ton Bag™.

When creating large barriers the One Ton Bag™ is a very important tool. Each One Ton Bag™ holds a full yard of barrier material and can be picked up / moved by its four reinforced loops by a forklift, boom, crane or chain.

One Ton Bag™ Erosion Control Bags

All of our One Ton Bags™ hold at least a yard of sand and come with four super strong reinforced loops. The filled One Ton Bags™ or erosion control bags are trucked or airlifted to the erosion area and placed strategically by a forklift, boom, crane or helicopter. Since each One Ton Bag™ holds a full yard and is 3 feet in width and height, a very strong and large barrier can be built up quickly. By comparison, 40 traditional small sand bags would fit in just one One Ton Bag™. Also, since the One Ton Bag™ is filled via a payloader, there is very little labor spent in filling each bag as compared to filling up small traditional sand bags.

Our super strong One Ton Bag™ have been used for water erosion control, bank erosion control, water control, sediment erosion control, flood control, river erosion control, sediment control, soil erosion control, shoreline erosion control and concrete erosion control. In addition, they have been used in creating emergency flood barriers.