Masonry Contractor

Today, sand and other dry building materials are transported on trucks and dumped on the sidewalk next to the job site. As a result, the contractor often needs to quickly remove the materials so that pedestrians don’t slip, and materials are not lost due to rain, wind, or other types of runoff.

The One Ton Bag™ eliminates these hazards and runoff type of situations, as the material is contained in a clean, attractive, One Ton Bag™.

Flexibility at the worksite

One Ton Bag™  allows the contractor to easily move the materials to different locations at a job site and stack materials as required. In multi-floor or large area worksites, a crane or forklift can easily deliver each bag to the most appropriate location.

Reduced delivery charges

Since several types of materials can be delivered on the same truck bed, the One Ton Bag™ can save the contractor from multiple delivery charges.