Masonry Yard

Easily carry multiple masonry products during a single delivery

Currently when two different masonry materials such as bricks and sand are needed, two deliveries are made, one with the flat bed and one with a dump truck. With the One Ton Bag™, the bricks and the yard(s) of sand are put on the same truck bed. No need to send out a separate dump truck!

Deliver masonry material to two or more locations with one truck using our heavy duty bags

With the One Ton Bag™ it is easy to see how many yards and what kind of materials are on the same truck bed. This allows you to deliver the proper yards of material to more than one customer per truck load. This saves time and gas since the truck does not have to return to the yard after each delivery.

Bring customers back to you

More and more, the work site demands that sand, gravel or any material be cleanly delivered and secured. With the One Ton Bag™, the material is delivered cleanly and keeps it from becoming wash off. This is greatly appreciated by contractors and the home owners. They will request your bags!

Also, don’t forget that in multi-level projects, masonry materials must be craned to the upper floors and the One Ton Bag™ is perfect for that. Contractors will ask for the One Ton Bag™  when they see how handy they are.

Additional advertising with custom One Ton Bag™

The One Ton Bag™ can be printed with your name and logo. This makes every bag you sell an advertising billboard! Imagine seeing 20 or so of your bags with your name at the jobsite; every contractor, architect and home owner will see your business represented in a truly professional manner. More importantly, they will call you when they need more product.

Space efficiency with heavy duty yard bags

The One Ton Bag™ is stackable when it’s loaded with material; storage of sand and gravel is much more space efficient.

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