The One Ton Bag™ is an ideal product to build a cofferdam or temporary enclosure, within a body of water. Once the enclosure is constructed, water can be pumped out, creating a dry work area.

The One Ton Bag™ can be submerged around various bridge piers, creating spaces that can be pumped free of water to provide workers with dry areas to carry out masonry repairs below the water line.

The One Ton Bag™ can be filled with clean gravel and positioned to form a cofferdam that isolates the work area. Polyethylene tarps can be used inside the cofferdam to further seal the work area.

This system works well because the cofferdam can be built to any configuration, and its height can be varied to accommodate variable river depths and extremely irregular river beds. The One Ton Bag™ has proven to be a cost effective product to construct a cofferdam. Additionally, the bags can quickly be removed and emptied.